Data Integrator
DMGeneIdConverter - Drosophila melanogaster gene ID converter

Converts between most important gene identifiers for D. melanogaster. This tool works exactly like HSGeneIdConverter - Homo sapiens gene ID converter, and therefore we describe here only the available input and output gene identifiers.


These are the availble fly gene identifiers with their output table header names printed in typewriter font.

  • Drosophila Ensembl Gene ID Ensembl's gene ID for Drosophila is identical to FlyBase gene identifiers, that is, FBgn numbers.
  • VDRC Transformant ID (r5.7) Vienna Drosophila Center (VDRC) transformant ID - library version 5.7 based on FlyBase 2008_04.
  • VDRC Transformant ID (r5.38) VDRC transformant ID - library version 5.38 (FlyBase 2011_06), vdrc538tid.
  • VDRC Transformant ID (r6.01) VDRC transformant ID - library version 6.01 (FlyBase 2014_04), vdrc601tid.
  • FlyBase CG number The name already tells.

Options applicable to more than a single tool are summarized in common command line options.


We emphasize that certain relations will not be displayed as the mapping always routes through Ensembl's FBgn IDs. For example, VDRC transformant ID 16171 maps to CG10999 in r5.7, but to CG42675 in r5.38. Internally, as with all mapping and conversion functions, any input gene ID is first mapped to Ensembl fly gene IDs (which are identical to FlyBase gene IDs (FBgn numbers)) and from there convert to the desired output gene ID. In the r67 Ensembl database (time of writing) there is no relationship between CG10999 and any FBgn, therefore mapping 16171 will produce an empty cell, even though a CG ID would be available.

See Input section, and HSGeneIdConverter - Homo sapiens gene ID converter.