Data Integrator
tblsubmerge - Merge previously split cells

For a certain column, condense rows with identical column content into a single row, removing duplicates on a per column level. This tool is meant to perform the inverse action as tblsubsplit - Split cells by a non-column separator character.


A column which is used as an marker for which rows to condense. Rows belonging to cells with identical strings will be joined: Each row's columns will be folded into a single cell, removing duplicates and joining the entries with a separator character. The order of the joined rows is undefined.

Options applicable to more than a single tool are summarized in common command line options.

Output and example

The output file from tblsubsplit - Split cells by a non-column separator character, /tmp/split-index.tsv, is reunited with the command

chris-cmd$ ./ -H -s , -u 3 /tmp/split-index.tsv

to yield the original file with the exception that white space characters have been removed:

CG number  Transformant ID
CG32152    34270,34271
CG32158    45641,45643,8490
CG32154    37275
CG32155    5279
CG32150    21668,21669